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The Breast Cancer


Empowering Warriors and Guiding Loved OneS
Difference Maker
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Empowering and Guiding breast cancer
Book  1

Do you like to Listen to books?
Narrated by Karen (also trained as an actress), 
Winning the Breast Cancer Battle: Empowering Warriors and Guiding Loved Ones,
is now available on Audiobook. 

Winning the Breast Cancer Battle will inform and prepare you for what you will go through by:

·   Sharing 7 tips sections listing questions to ask doctors, ways family and friends can help, and imparting ideas such as relaxation and clutter clearing techniques and art  projects;

·   Offering a resource list breast cancer patients can use during and after treatment;

·   Presenting information in an easy to read and informative manner.

Implementing the suggestions in this book can provide immediate results in lessening anxiety and preparing for the road no one ever chooses to travel. The breast cancer patient and the loved ones walking beside her will be empowered and guided through writing that touches the heart, depicts realistic options, and offers hope in an otherwise dim circumstance. 

Being a breast cancer survivor herself, having suffered mentally after her father died of cancer, and having been trained in writing as well as holding a master’s degree from Columbia University Teachers College, Karen felt inspired to share her story. “I don’t want you to struggle as I have and this book will shed light on how to lessen the suffering patients, family members, and friends will face,” Karen states. Everyone involved will suffer physically and mentally and though breast cancer is said to be “curable” this time of life is tumultuous and not an easy path to follow. The good news is that it can be managed with help.


About the Author

Karen Iverson's love for writing emerged when she was a child and developed throughout high school and later at the University of New Hampshire where she earned a Bachelor of Science. She continued her education at Columbia University Teachers College, earning a master’s degree in Education.  After a devastating  breast cancer diagnosis at age thirty-nine, and having lost her father to cancer, she felt compelled to share her story, in hopes of providing guidance to the ever increasing number of women with breast cancer and the families and friends who suffer alongside them. After breast cancer, Karen earned a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Karen is native to New York but currently resides in Oklahoma where she is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate. She also is a fine artist, singer, and actress. Karen’s artwork can been viewed via the links below. 



View Karen's original paintings, 
photography and sculptures.


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